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Million Dollar Adventure free

Million Dollar Adventure


Million Dollar Adventure – a fascinating hidden object,  puzzle, adventureAndroid game with original puzzles and mini-games. The main hero of the game is a girl named Sandra, who survived a car crash in early childhood. That crash killed her parents and completely damaged her memory. She was brought up in an orphanage and never knew her family. At the beginning of the game, you – in the role of Sandra – receive an invitation to take part in a race around the world that promises a reward of one million dollars to the winner. You meet and help people around the world, and in the process you begin to remember fragments from your past. Million Dollar Adventure is your opportunity to travel around the world. The game takes you to different parts of the world like the US, the UK, Egypt, China, Australia and more. The game provides a variety of classic hidden object searches is mixed with dozens of truly unique mini-games from all over the world. The soundtrack and voice over are top class. Join Sandra in this thrilling adventure to win something much greater than she ever imagined! Find hidden objects, piece together clues, solve numerous puzzles and play exciting mini-games. Can she remember her lost memories? Is it all real or just a cruel hoax? Will she win the million dollar competition? It’s up to you to find it out!

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Nevosoft million dollar adventure walkthrough

Million dollar adventure game freeMillion dollar adventure walkthroughMillion dollar adventure walkthrough

Game version: 1.1
Android version: 2.2+

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