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Pets Talk


Pets Talk  - free funny app for Android.

For the first time Google Android and Apple iPhone mobile owners get a chance to get closer to the mewers that be. At any time. Feeling a bit under the weather? Too much work and too little inspiration? Too tired to hit the gym for a new dose of energy to get you through it all? Dull and grey outside and you’re feeling like you could do with something to make your day brighter?

PetsTalk, a new app from MOBiSTERs, the creators of TextArt, an Android Market top 5 social networking app in the US, is sure to lift your spirits in a tap on the screen!

Just launch PetsTalk and flick through a few endearing images of lovely cats, dogs and hamsters accompanied by witty captions, and vote for your favourite shots and captions. Feeling artistic yourself? Think your pet would make a great shot? You could easily upload your own pictures with captions and see how they fare in the vote. Whenever you feel like it. If you like those cute creatures, PetsTalk is a great application for your photo creativity.

Here’s how it works.

  •  you simply lunch PetsTalk,
  • enjoy some endearing images of lovely cats, dogs and hamsters,
  • see if you find the captions funny
  • vote for the best photo or caption
  • you could set your favourite cutie as your phone’s desktop wallpaper
  • or you could share it with friends on Facebook
  • and, of course, you could email it, sharing with your nearest just what those pets are talking about – using your Google Android smartphone or iPhone not just for making phone calls!

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App. version: 1.0.0
Android version: 2.1+

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