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Google Translate


Google Translate – a great app. for Android which translates words and phrases into more than 60 languages. For most of them there is a possibility to pronounce a sentence and listen to its translation. The app. includes dictionaries with authoritative translations in over 30 languages.


- translate texts from 63 languages;
- use voice input instead of  keyboard (17 languages);
- listen to the translation of phrases (24 languages);
- communicate with foreigners using the speech-to-speech translation (14 languages);
- display the translations in full screen mode to show them to others;
- mark the most important translations and save them on your device;
- view the history of translation in off-line mode;
- transcribe translations into languages that do not use the Latin alphabet (Chinese, Japanese, etc. );                                  – read non-Latin scripts converted to English letters (e.g. Pinyin, Romaji);
- see alternative translations of individual words and short phrases.











App. version: 2.2
Android version: 1.5+

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